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Data Sheet Symbol Limit Values min. Each pin has a pair of internal pull-up and pull-down devices that can be individually enabled or disabled. Interrupt Source and Vector Each interrupt source has an associated interrupt vector address. New Advantage Corporation. The power consumption is indirectly proportional to the frequency, so worthy my love pdf whereas the performance of the microcontroller is directly proportional to the frequency.

In addition to the standard interrupt functions supported by the core, e.

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Ordering Information The ordering code for Infineon Technologies microcontrollers provides an exact reference to the required product. Infineon Technologies Office. In theory, this timer could be used in any of its modes.

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SAK-XC866-4FRI BE Infineon Technologies SAK-XC866-4FRI BE Datasheet

XC866 Datasheet (HTML) - Infineon Technologies AGSAK-XC866-4FRI BE Infineon Technologies SAK-XC866-4FRI BE Datasheet

XC datasheet(92/ Pages) INFINEON

Bit Protection Scheme The bit protection scheme prevents direct software writing of selected bits i. The count state of the operation.

The fractional divider is enabled fractional divider mode and the corresponding parameter settings are shown. Address Extension by Paging Address extension is further performed at the module level by paging.