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Please note that the elements contained herein are copyrighted and are for official university use only. For more information on utilizing the university brand for merchandise needs and for a full list of licensed vendors, please contact the trademark and licensing manager at licensing nau. If reversing, use only the reversed logo with white text.

Example of flush-left logo, center-aligned headline and flush-right disclaimer. It defines who we are and what we do.

Bar codes for each department are for billing purposes. White information band placement. Example of flush-left, top-aligned logo with sentence-case headline on right side. Example of flush-left, bottom-aligned logo.

Using This Guide

The font family required for identity applications in this guide is Univers. Paper Specifications The following are the three paper grade choices for the Northern Arizona University stationery system.

The position and size of the logo and address block must not be adjusted. All branded materials with an external audience need to be submitted to the Office of Strategic Communications at osm doane. Both guides can be viewed and downloaded at nau.

Crete Grand Island Lincoln Omaha. Orange is one of the strongest elements of Doane's identity. This version of the letterhead is used for high-impact applications. Disclaimer flush right with grid. The Doane University brand is one of our most valuable assets.

This solution can only be used if the full version of the institutional or unit logo appears on the front. Example of center-aligned vehicle logo and center-aligned, sentence-case headline with grid.

Paper Specifications

Submit all requests for use of these marks to University Trademark Licensing. Questions regarding logo use or the style guides can be directed to University Marketing at or by email at marketing nau.

This site is produced and maintained by Doane University. They should be used on all publications.

Access the word document template at nau. Included are specific directions for use of logos, typefaces, colors and more. Only the primary institutional logo may be used on an envelope. Example of flush-left, top-aligned logo with floating headline on right side. Accessibility questions and support?

Follow margin guides shown, and use these word-processing format guidelines for all letters written on Northern Arizona University letterhead. The Northern Arizona University name and logos are legally protected marks owned by the university. These marks may not be used in any communications unless the usage is university approved. Example of flush-left, center-aligned headline and flush-right disclaimer. All information applies to U.

Toyota Visual Identity System

Connect with us through email at marketing nau. Use the unit logo rather than custom typesetting the unit name. The typographic specifications also apply to addressing standard business envelopes and mailing labels.

Introduction A strong university is reflected in a strong identity. Embrace the orange Orange is one of the strongest elements of Doane's identity.

In the address blocks, unit name and contact info may be customized in two- or three-column format. Schedule a Visit Apply Today. The Microsoft Word template file is available for download at nau. If available space is too tight to accommodate this layout, see below for alternatives. We are happy to share some insights with you.

Visual Identity SystemStationery System

The position and size of the logo must not be adjusted in any way. Doane University Boswell Ave.

It is optional to have a branded envelope flap. Only official marks may be used.

Frequently Asked Questions Have questions about the visual standards of the university brand? As Nebraska's premier liberal arts university and one of the state's leading adult educational institutions, vw golf 2000 manual pdf it is important to protect our brand with a visual identity system. Incorporate it into digital and printed publications to give your audience a visual cue that they are looking at something from Doane University.


The following are the three paper grade choices for the Northern Arizona University stationery system. We have prepared logos in various formats for downloading at nau. This is the preferred address block layout and uses the primary institutional logo. Let us know all about your project and the questions you have so we can help. This guide addresses requirements and guidelines for the use of logo, color, and fonts in print and digital formats.