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At its centre is a bird, or bird foot, shaped earthwork called Eagle Mound, thought to have been constructed by the Hopewell culture in c. Wells believed that Userkaf chose this particular star as it held some special importance to him. This account reveals the events surrounding his death, as well as the fate of the missing papyri, the origins of Zionist aspirations in Palestine and the origin of the infamous curse of Tutankhamun. This concept was also displayed on the ground.

Remarkably, the three main pyramids at Giza in Egypt, including the Great Pyramid, align with the same three stars. This is not a book about life's origins in the Darwinian sense.

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The bird on a stick is the most interesting feature, for it is very likely a symbol of the sky-pole, or cosmic axis, with Cygnus as the bird on top. Although an attractive proposition it made no sense of alignments at the Neolithic sites examined, so another explanation was sought using a computer generated map of the night sky. Saraswati was goddess also of the Rig Veda, the oldest body of literature in the Orient, which can be traced to a mysterious civilization that inhabited the Saraswati Valley in West India c. The Well of Souls Ancient Egyptian cosmology talks about a bird known as the Great Cackler, a cosmic goose, who brings the universe into manifestation by letting out a divine honk or call.

The Cygnus Mystery by Andrew Collins

Moreover, at worst this spectacular event, which would have temporarily made it one of the brightest sources in the night sky, was far too distant to have affected life on Earth. Return to The Great Pyramid. Such knowledge is confirmation that ancient star-lore of this nature might well date back to when Deneb was Pole Star. Rock art from the Tassili mountains of Algeria. The Northern Group of constellations.

Cygnus quite literally became the gateway to the realm of heaven, which brought forth cosmic life and death. Cygnus Loop supernova blast wave. Nobody before had made the link between this stone and the swan. Could this provide some answers as to why Cygnus was seen as important by our most ancient ancestors?

Could this be the origin of some sort of death cult, whereby the initiate was brought very close to physical death in order that they might experience the otherworld, the place of the afterlife? This would make the Great Rift, which extends from Cygnus down to Sagittarius, the place of emergence of the sun-god, reborn at dawn on the winter solstice, as he was also in Maya cosmology. Cygnus being essentially circumpolar in Scotland would always have been seen in the northern night sky. They speak of a subterranean domain, called the Underworld of the Soul, accessed via a well-shaft, which once existed in the vicinity of Giza.

Only by tracing the roots of this apparently Palaeolithic ideology could the theory really be proved. Invariably, Egyptian funerary monuments were aligned north-south, a ritual act achieved with precision in the Pyramid Age. In the story of Somnus, his son Morpheus, the god of dreams, stood by ensuring that no noise entered the cave. We journey next to India in search of further clues. Several other early cultures, religions and civilizations connected the north not only with the direction of the celestial abode, but also with the transmigration of the soul.

The global economic role of the Saint Lawrence Seaway System and the shameful plight of America's natives have been cleverly woven together in an original tale of intrigue and suspense. Had this been a celestial object of veneration among the Early Neolithic peoples of South-east Turkey, even after it ceased being Pole Star? This is found in the Bwiti religion of Gabon in West Africa, whose founder was led to find and use the iboga root inside caves. Cygnus can be seen as a key constellation in Olmec and Mayan astronomy, a point previously unrecognized by everyone but Popenoe Hatch.

It is present also in the classical account of Somnus, the god of sleep, who lived inside a cave surrounded by opium poppies. In some versions of the tale, this was given to him by his wife, who was a Valkyrie. The spine and tail of the puma are represented by the Tullumayu and Huatanay rivers, which flow into the Vilcanota river. With the recent discovery of the planetoids Sedna and Eris, new forms of consciousness are entering our awareness. The purpose of the midsummer alignment was most probably to enable the living and the dead to access the sky-world via the Milky Way as the celestial road or river of the soul.

Brahma rides on a sky-car pulled by seven swans, while the swan-goose is also the avatar of his wife Saraswati, the goddess of music, writing and divine inspiration. The overwhelming evidence of mushroom use in prehistoric times indicates that the Well Scene at Lascaux might indeed depict a shaman in a trance state induced by psychedelic substances. The Weaver Princess standing on the edge of the Milky Way. Note the production of relativistic jets.

Galactic blazars produce jets with relativistic, i. In these one of their number is usually caught and made to marry a mortal man, after he steals her cloak of feathers as she bathes with other swan-maidens. This, they believe, fits the data obtained from their detailed examination of the Greenland ice core data, which enabled them to deduce a suitable search area in the northern night sky. He became intrigued as to how they came about their vast pharmaceutical knowledge, which included the properties of thousands of plants. Just like the Ganges today, it was seen as a terrestrial representation of the Milky Way, linking Saraswati with Egypt's sky-goddess, Nut.

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The most important part of the book addresses awakening the potential of a crystal skull. The stability of the United States Government becomes suspect and the country is facing political, social, and economic disaster. The online guide serves as a gateway to the Ancient Alien Theory, with links to online sources, books, and authors. However, evidence of her worship in England has been scant until now. Yet why was Cygnus seen in this role, long after the end of the Palaeolithic age, which coincided with the cessation of the last Ice Age, c.

Was it related in some way to something experienced deep inside the caves which might have been directly attributed to the influence of Cygnus? The Cygnus Mystery provides compelling evidence that. This is the most comprehensive overview and investigation into this alluring archaeological mystery.

Archaeologist Marion Popenoe Hatch excavated the Olmec site of La Venta, in the Tabasco province, at the beginning of the s and determined that the site's fluted pyramid, built c. He has determined that Nut was most probably a personification of the Milky Way, with her vulva and birth canal corresponding to the stars of Cygnus.

Return to The Cygnus Mystery. One example is an enormous circular earthwork known as Great Circle in Newark, Ohio.

Arguably, introductory chemistry corwin pdf it went back beyond the Neolithic era to the Palaeolithic epoch when Deneb and the stars of Cygnus occupied pole position. But where did this ancient veneration of Cygnus come from?

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The Cygnus Mystery

To achieve this aim, we turn our attentions to the ancient cosmology of the Native American peoples. Swan Upping on the Thames. It lays the sun-egg from which the creator god emerges, his name altering depending on which cult centre the myth is attached. Who were these faceless individuals, and what inspired them to construct such incredible monuments at the end of the Last Ice Age?

Its striking presence has been seen by some archaeologists as evidence of a link between the swan and the transmigration of the soul. He did not believe a word of it until he was cured of severe backache simply by ingesting a prescribed natural brew. The answer appears to lie in the fact that between c. Rival ideas did exist in Egypt coming mostly from the south, and involving other gods, other cult centers, and other stars such as Sirius, Orion and Canopus.

Are they important for us in current times? This begins at Cygnus and continues on down to Sagittarius and Scorpio, where it opens out to form the point of emergence of the new sun. Built upon a foundation of historical and scientific fact, Debt of Conscience provides a riveting insight into two of North America's best kept secrets. It was around this time that migrating swans and geese returned from the Arctic, most usually at night under a full moon.