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This therapy works best on acute pain because it is localized. When the timer is activated, the remaining therapy time appears on the display. Otherwise figures to show possible electrode configurations. Electrodes are dried out or dirty. Do not expose the device to direct sunlight.

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Electrodes and lead wires are excluded from this warranty. Pain relief is most efficient during stimulation, but the effect can last after the treatment. Electromagnetic propagation is affected by absorption and reflection from structures, objects and people. Reinstall the battery cover as shown by the graphic to the right.

This instruction manual is published by Carex Health Brands. Carex Health Brands reserves the right to improve and amend this manual at any time without prior notice. This will block the pain impulses. Once switched on, the display will briefly show the software version. Caution Figures to show electrode configurations Failed stimulation, skin irritation, taylor error analysis pdf malfunction - for different indications.

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When this interval has elapsed, the device switches off automatically. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator.

The customer or the user of these electrical stimulators should assure that it is used in such environment. If you have suspected or diagnosed epilepsy, Apply stimulation to only normal, intact, clean, you should follow precautions recommended by dry, and healthy skin. Do not bend or pull the end of the cord.


When the therapy timer is activated, the device switches automatically off at the end of the programmed interval. Insert the batteries observing polarity. Please dispose of the device in accordance with local regulations.

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Electrodes with poor adhesion must be replaced. Intermittent output Lead wires If still intermittent, replace lead wire. Electrode Placement If your physician showed you the best application points, we recommend that you use them. Insert batteries Attach belt clip and close battery compartment Connect the electrodes to the leadwire Apply the electrodes. You are under legal obligation to dispose of batteries correctly.

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If you have to send in the material and should not be disposed of unit, enclose a copy of your receipt and clearly state the with household waste after their useful defect. If still intermittent after replacing lead wire, a component may have failed. Electrode Selection Use large electrodes e. Page Know Your Device you can use just one wire with two electrodes. The electrode cord can cause strangulation.

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