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Things aren't muddled the way they so easily could have been. She's led an interesting and danger filled life as a thief. This was such a fun, exciting read! The plot twists are the best part of the story. Meagan There isn't really any romance in this book, but there is in the sequel!


Digger is a compelling heroine. The coalition of varying factions - can they possibly hope to win? You never knew what secret was going to be uncovered.

Digger is an amazing and above all real heroine. Or is it something more as their actions and reactions to each other would have us believe?

She gives them a fake StarCrossed starts with a bang. StarCrossed is vivid, absorbing, much better written, and considerably more enjoyable because it doesn't feel like work, even once. Of late, I have been reading a lot of fantasy stories, and even though StarCrossed is just another one of those, physical education class 12 cbse book pdf I still immensely enjoyed it. Starcrossed But st I was a big fan of Elizabeth C.

The pacing of the climax of this book was very good. Someone in their party knows who she is and is threatening her to get her to steal information for him. Another notable point about this book is the setting. People who want a story without in-your-face romance will be pleased.

When the devious Lord Daul catches Digger in the act of stealing he blackmails her into becoming his personal thief and spy. Characters were well developed, world building was clear.

The book was tough to get into. The castle is gorgeously described and the icy landscape makes for a scene that is both cozy and treacherous.

Or maybe it was just lacking something. She does start to think about further reaching consequences of her actions at some point. Digger is such a curious, witty teenager. Phandre's outcome was a bit obvious though.

Digger is an excellent liar and a thief, so when she becomes separated from her companions, she is forced to find her own way using her best skills. Your names for both your characters and your world were very unique, but not so much so that they tripped the reader. What follows is an incredible journey not just across the land but also through time. This is how you start a series.

Star Crossed by Elizabeth C. Bunce

Usually you're okay Arthur Levine Books, but this could have been done eight hundred times better. Her precarious situation with the blackmailing Lord Dual is tense and angering. It happens on several occasions and can't be explained away by saying that the narrator doesn't tell us everything. This book was provided for review by the publisher.

While fleeing the capitol city, she falls in with a pleasure party of nobs, who help her escape. Digger herself is an incredible heroine.

While others do play a part in uncovering some of the mystery, Digger does all of the work. All of the characters were so much more than what they seemed on the surface.

StarCrossed (Thief Errant 1) by Elizabeth C. Bunce

StarCrossed (Thief Errant 1) by Elizabeth C. Bunce

She gives them a fake name, Celyn Contrare, and a semi-fake life story. During the middle of the book secret after secret is revealed which just made me more confused and I could never figure out what was what until right before or when Digger figured it out herself.

What I really love about certain fantasies is that the reader is transported to an entire new world with entire new social customs and politics. Adult fans of political fantasy will enjoy it too. Alas, it will most definitely not happen though.

And I met Cheryl Klein, Elizabeth's editor. StarCrossed by Elizabeth C. Bunce sets up a very complex political situation here with a deep history of conflict between magic and religion. Bunce has crafted a novel that includes sweeping world-building, multi-faceted characters, and an ominous mystery.


The main character, Digger, is a thief and an extremely unreliable narrator - she lies, she steals, she has secrets. Her history and the way it was woven into the plot was great. Such as, portrayed as a maid, a servant, she manages to get various nobs noblemen to reveal treasonous information about themselves and others to her! The world of StarCrossed is wonderfully developed.

The position she was in at the end makes me think that she's going to really mature over the course of the series, however long it may be. The world building in this fantasy novel is beautifully done.

PDF StarCrossed by Elizabeth C. Bunce Book Free Download (362 pages)

Digger is an accomplished thief, with no real ties to anyone or anything but her beloved Tegan. While she is becoming more and more attached to the family she is living with, she is also uncovering information that indicates they may be plotting a rebellion against the King.

Bunce understands this perfectly, I think. Readers will be on the edge of their seats in this original and tense world. She is independent and bold and subtly funny as a narrator. Plus, I will need to do a reread before the sequel comes out. This is not a book that I just could ride out.

PDF StarCrossed by Elizabeth C. Bunce Book Free Download (362 pages)

She adopts her Celyn persona to blend in, hoping to escape living with these nobs at the first chance possible, but before she knows it, she gets drawn into the sticky web of court politics. She's a thief and unwilling spy, but the fact that she's unwilling doesn't mean she doesn't like it - she's good at it and it gives her some semblance of power in a powerless situation.