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Preferably, the upper platform is sized to hold at least four chairs. The pulling up of a standard hand truck up the stairs results in a bumpy and jarring motion.

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The length of each arm is high and thus creates vibration and the vehicle would be unstable. It may be effectively sealed via a plastic top that is attached via a hinge to or completely removable from the container insert. The rings may be replaced with other types of accessories, such as fishing rod holders. The dimensions were found as follows.

However, the frame may be alternatively angled when resting such that the bottom is further from the three-wheel assemblies than in the preferred embodiment. Further, a user can pause at almost any point because the wheels are sized so that two horizontal step faces may be contacted by two wheels at the same time.

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The balance of the cart is superior and the performance is extremely smooth. The coating of the frame is waterproof and it is double foldable for easy storage.

This is a heavy-duty cart as it is made up of a strong aluminum frame which is rust-resistant. While there are many possible factors that can make a product appealing to a buyer, perhaps the most important factor is an ability to make the user's life easier in some small way. The releasable attachment is preferably a bolt or similar component.

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Alternatively, a mix of steel and aluminum alloy components can be integrated into the frame. Considerable strain is placed on the back muscles and the risk of operator injury is sharply increased. The back wheels are extremely sturdy to go through any surface smoothly.

Furthermore, the geometry of a hand truck makes it nearly impossible to lift with one's legs, as is the proper form. To climb over a step seven inches high, each wheel would need to be at least fourteen inches in diameter. Some have adjustable height, some have an inbuilt bag or basket while others have better grip.

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In addition, the frictional force between the wheel and the edge of the stair must be sufficient to allow the wheel to grab and roll over the stair. This is a heavy-duty climbing cart and it can carry weight up to pounds. It is also rectangular in cross section and is made of plastic. The compliance of the tri-star is greater than that of an irregular wheel, however, because of the gearing of the tri-star. The lower wheel would then act as a pivot point for the system and the top wheel would rotate downwards.

Remember me on this computer. One needs to put the least amount of pressure to move the art and carry the objects to their destination. Preferably, these bearings are sealed and selected to be operable in a sandy environment, where particulates could pose a problem if they were to enter the bearing's internal components. Set of wheels with a system for rotation and transposition of obstacles, for bases of travel bags, trunks and similar.

You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. The modified hand truck was able to climb stairs while bearing a moderate load. If a brake is used in this manner, the locking mechanism can be implemented to lock the brake so the user will not have to constantly apply pressure to maintain braking force.

Thus, the present invention provides a cart for transporting cargo with at least two three-wheel assemblies that facilitate moving the cart up and down stairs. This facilitates initial assembly and future repairs. The front wheels are rotatable and there is the waterproof cloth bag provided for protection of the objects you carry during the rainy days. These dimensions are for an average set of outdoor stairs and can be further optimized for stairs of different dimensions. We're very much grateful to Dr.

The present invention is directed to a cargo-transporting cart that is capable of climbing stairs. This occurs because the first wheel will not be stopped by a vertical face, as occurs when the cart is moving up a set of stairs. Alternatively, java objects and classes pdf a brake system can be added to the wheels to facilitate moving the cart down stairs. There is front support and the back wheels are tri-wheeled for easy climbing. This is the most highly rated climbing cart at present.

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You can clean the basket with a damp cloth. Preferably, an aluminum alloy is used to provide strength and minimize weight.

Preferably, the cart is foldable, compact, and has components that provide for the transportation of beach cargo, such as a cooler, chairs, umbrellas, and miscellaneous other items. The bag has waterproof material to keep the objects inside it intact in the rainy season. Dbest Products is one of the most popular brands and we have already covered one of its products previously. These permit the cart to be moveable over a variety of terrains and obstacles, as discussed below. In the preferred embodiment, the cart has two three-wheel assemblies and a frame.

There is a soft grip on the handle for firm holding and the net is well knitted for the safety of the objects inside the cart. There is a cushioned handle which absorbs shocks and makes it comfortable to push conveniently for a long distance. This could be operated as a hand-break or similar setup attached to the handle bar.

The third wheel idles at the top until the lower front wheel hits an obstruction. Alternatively, the frame may itself be foldable so that it may fit into smaller vehicles. It is lightweight and can carry up to pounds of weight.

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US20070075509A1 - Stair climbing cart - Google Patents