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Standard proctor test or proctor compaction test was the original test devised by an American engineer Ralph R. You can download this excel file for standard proctor test by clicking the button below. The bearing strength of the soil and thereby shear resistance lies heavily on its compaction. The method of compaction described above i.

So after addition of water, when soil is compacted, the soil particles are easily re-arranged and a denser arrangement is formed. Water, when added to the soil matrix lubricates the soil solids thereby easing their rearrangement and restructuring. Geotechnical-Material Engineer.

In the field, sheep foot rollers, rubber-tired rollers and other type of heavy compaction equipment including hand tamper may be used.

Standard Proctor Test Its Apparatus Procedure Result

Modified Proctor Test Its Procedure Apparatus Result

It decreases the permeability and prevents settlement of the soil. In composite well graded soils, both the factors affect the compaction degree. It reduces the void ratio and thus the damage from frost could be perverted or heaving whatever. Download the Excel Spread sheet.

So it is without a doubt that the nature of soil including its grading, plasticity would be dictating the degree of compaction. Watch the Video Below for Better Understanding. Watch the Video Below for better understanding.

What are the precautions in this experiment? For granular and coarser soils, vibratory rollers mostly steel drum rollers are used while pneumatic tired rollers are used for aggregates of asphaltic concrete.

This is a really well written article. Whereas, in field the soil is compacted in bulk and there are some many other factors that dive in creating a unique and uncertain situation. In which type of soil we provide heavy compaction or light compaction. What is the difference between compaction and consolidation of soil?

Standard Proctor Test - Procedure - Apparatus - Calculation

Your email address will not be published. Break-up the specimen to No. It includes, the number of passes, type of stresses i. Observation and Calculations.

Samples, One near the top and other near the bottom for each trial. In clayey soils, the strength of soil is mainly because of adhesion of soil solids while in gravely soils the strength is due to friction between soil solids. He's in the online civil engineering community from over a decade now and have many fans, followers and friends throughout the world. Moisture Density Relationship Graph.

Standard Proctor Test Procedure Apparatus CalculationStandard Proctor Test Its Apparatus Procedure ResultMODIFIED PROCTOR COMPACTION TEST OR HEAVY COMPACTION TEST (IS-2720-PART-8)

It is worth mentioning, that densification or compaction of soil at site is generally carried out with the help of roller compactors. Compaction is actually a broader term and is carried out with the help of rollers or compactors. The blows must be distributed uniformly over the surface of each layer. Thank you for Reading this article. Both the magnitude of compacting energy and the type of compactive effort influence to a greater extent the compaction of soils.


The objective of compaction and densification is to re-organize soil matrix in a way that less voids are there reducing the volume of the soil and thereby increasing the overall density. In compaction, the water is added in appropriate proportion which increases the density. Notify me of new posts by email. Compaction is a type of mechanical stabilization where the soil mass is densified with the application of mechanical energy also known as compactive effort. It is fascinating ur explications are understandable thank you to share ur knowledge I am interested.

To know more about me just visit AboutMe. Add suitable amount of water with the soil and mix it thoroughly.

In consolidation, the soil is compressed thereby expelling the water from the voids. The improvement and enhancement of soil by compaction is mandatory in building, highway and airport runways projects. As I have explained above that the method of compaction for gravely soil is different than that of cohesive soils.


Extrude the compacted soil specimen from the mold and split it on a large tray. If small mould of dia mm is used then no. Take care to distribute the blows uniformly over the surface of each layer, and to let the rammer fall freely. For utmost case take two M. Yes Dear, Its not yet over.

It can be static or vibrating one depending on the type of stress applied. Attach the extension collar with the mould.

The mechanical energy may be produced by the dynamic load, static load, vibration, or by tamping. The lab provides an enclosed and controlled environment where soil is compacted manually in small quantity. We know that the conditions of site and that of the laboratory are different altogether. Fine-grained soils may be compacted in the laboratory by falling weights and hammers rammers by special kneading compactors, and even under static pressure applied by compression machine. In compaction the soil solids are rearranged in a denser arrangement eliminating the voids and air in it.

Compaction should be done in specified layers, basic electrical engineering book pdf in hindi and each part should be compacted properly. The Result of Soil Compaction Test. These soil solids are arranged in a way that voids or capillaries are produced within it.