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One member is selected in the single-seat constituency of the federal capital. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. User Username Password Remember me. Being a democratic constitution, the constitution paved the way for Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to become a democratically elected President. All Progressives Congress.


What areas must its leaders focus on to achieve the vision of a new Nigeria? Education was progressively expanded at all levels to reduce the rate of illiteracy and to provide the requisite skills and labor force for development.

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Due to this, an agreement was reached that Nigeria should have an indigenous Head of State who would be elected by the people to serve a five-year term. Ibadan, Ibadan university press. However, it is pertinent to note that there is a difference between ethnicity and tribalism even though the difference is water-tight. Enugu Fourth Dimension Publishes. Senate House of Representatives.

The promotion of a new national orientation conducive to greater discipline, better attitude to work and cleaner environment. Remember me on this computer. University of Michigan Press.

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Constitution Human rights. However, despite the violent violation of its provisions, the constitution remained the subsequent administrations military or otherwise.

However in the general elections, ethnic and regional politics started to play itself out. Ethnicity involves the display of sentiments in bias to a special set of group one belongs to. Even though these parties were established by government, ethno- religious cleavages were visible in the membership and composition of the two parties.

Scholars also argue that the Nigerian political situation stem from the socio-political environment which is ethnic communally oriented and culturally base, which date back to the pre-colonist era. Greenwood Publishing Group. It has members, who are elected for four-year terms in single-seat constituencies. This period witnessed the consolidation of political gains made during the colonial era.

Ethnicity makes it very difficult for different ethnic groups to agree on anything. National Assembly Complex. Hence the consequence effect of this psychological mindset and orientation is seen in the violence contestation for political offices and other benefits and privileges associated with the office. National Conscience Party.

It will be welcomed as an essential teaching resource and a trusty companion to independent study. This aspect of ethnicism in the Nigerian situation has set one ethnic group against another with immeasurable consequences. Despite being described as a developing country, Nigeria is a powerhouse on the African continent by virtue of its size. In essence therefore power struggle is at the heart of ethnicity and ethnic politics in the Nigerian state and instrumentality of its propagation is the platform of the political parties.

Nigeria is unarguably one of the most influential countries in Africa. Following the result of the Presidential election, Chief M. In ancient times, knowledge was spread through the most serendipitous ways from migratory movements to religious pilgrimages, from wars to intertribal marriages and, thus, traveled across continents. The year marks Citi's th anniversary. Is the earth's climate really changing for the worse?

Administratively, Nigeria remained divided into the northern and southern provinces and Lagos Colony. These groups of people use ethnicity And ethnic politics to systematically divide the people against so as to remain In power. Thus the leadership of the aforementioned parties was along ethnic cleavages. Accordingly, dominant power is largely in the hands of those who own and control the means of life.

The Beehive by One Economy Corporation. This exercise deplored by the British colonial master was solely done for administrative and commercial interest.

According to the World Bank, there are common factors that are associated with successful development. If Nigerians learn to value nationalism more than ethnicity, there will be an increase in economic and political development and Nigeria will reclaim its rightful. The Nigerian Agricultural and Co-operative Bank, with headquarters in Kaduna, established grant loans both directly and indirectly to farmers. Ethnic sentiment and manipulation should be eradicated from the fabric and the body politic of the Nigerian society.

Brookings Institution Press. In addition, the Delta Steel Company was established to operate the Aladja Warri direct reduction plant. Much money was therefore spent in providing farmers with fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural inputs at heavily subsidized prices. The contributors focus on practical and day-to-day issues as the best approach to formulate and implement poverty reduction strategies in contemporary Africa. We must start from the grassroots to transform the economy.


Keywords Political leadership, challenges, national integration, development, crisis. People in this socio- political environment see themselves first as a clan, il talismano del potere pdf then a tribe and finally as a region. The regional differences in economy continued to be expressed in Nigeria's political life as well.

Politicians genuinely focused their lapses in the polity. In that same year, the constitution came into effect as implemented by Sir Arthur Richards.