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The second half of the book was much better for me. What was there, I really really, liked. And I am totally stoked that there are two more books in this series now.

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Though it did not end with the cliff-hanger of all cliff-hangers it had an abrupt ending. And why she can't say no and straighten out the mess with Brett. Also we don't want to know what they're eating for every meal and which brand they're obsessed with.

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But really, I'm feeling like maybe I'm just learning to be happy with crumbs? Thankfully, the couple is able to stay strong, united, together.

Bared to you by sylvia day epubmobi. Sylvia Day has outdone herself with this book- the writing is sooo hot but at the same time its not only sex. But alas, din en 10088 pdf it was not and it makes me sad.

She was exactly the type of soul that Arlene was looking for. And most of all will Arlene get her just rewards and get what she deserves for ruining the lives of the souls all around her? Anyway, that doesn't mean i didn't like it, cause i did. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

And who was the red-headed woman at the charity event? Like it or not, but Eva Tramell is everything Gideon needed. Seriously, can we go with no means no? She realizes how much Gideon wants and needs her and she has decided she does trust him. First only I am highly pissed because I wanted the book to end here.

And if you want to join, just let us know! When a man is found brutally murdered, their lives become entangled by an investigation that uncovers a web of darkness and opens up secrets that have long been condemned to silence. Even if I'm annoyed, I want to see this through to the end.

Book two was a lesson in frustration. Seriously if book had scenes like the club one all through out my rating would have been much higher, even without a storyline! The characters have matured in the period of these two-three months they have been together.

The ending left us in a good place. Because apparently I enjoy inflicting pain on myself.

Already people were pissed with Reflected because it didn't like up to half the people's expectations including mine. The sex was fucking hot as always but with being bored in this book I was tired of reading even those parts. Not that it was literally the most graphic but just that their connection intensified every sexual encounter between them.

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What was going right with this book? And who the hell is Brett, Corrine, Deanna, Magadelene again? And after all, Gideon won me over and over again with all of his smooth talking and hot adventures.

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And it's utterly brilliant. That was it for me, you know.

She is willing to do the same for him. Luckily, Gideon helped balance her out. Once the falsified relationship begins, things heat up.