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The following diagnosis can be used if the keyless transmitter for the remote starter is not working correctly. Use the buttons to control the display and audio system. Then, stop in a safe place.

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Your vehicle still has Stop in a safe place, check tire pressures, and inflate tire s if necessary. Standard data rates apply. Consists of several displays that provide you with useful information. If your vehicle will be towing a trailer, load from your trailer will be transferred to your vehicle. Start the engine with the key.

Federal Safety Requirements. Push the The windshield wipers and washers can be used when the vehicle is on. This screen will be displayed when a start is requested and the transmitter receives no answer back from the vehicle. If Transport Canada receives similar complaints, it may open an investigation, and if it finds that a safety defect exists in a group of vehicles, it may lead to a recall and remedy campaign. Those you The tires on your vehicle meet all U.

Check the Panic function on the vehicles original key fob. Disconnect the fuse and check its condition.

Page Safety Label Locations In Canada If you believe that your vehicle has a defect which could cause a crash or could cause injury or death, you should immediately inform Honda Canada, Inc. Honda dealer personnel are trained professionals. In Canada, stadtplan mailand pdf please request a copy from Models with touchscreen your Honda dealer. Slide the blade holder from the wiper arm.

Press the brake pedal, then press the release Press the brake pedal to slow down or stop your button to shift. Page Engine Coolant Park the vehicle on level ground.

Use these methods to operate the tailgate. While we strive to help you make informed decisions about safety, it is not practical or possible to warn you about all the hazards associated with operating or maintaining your vehicle. Turn the vehicle off, including all lights and Learn about basic maintenance that you can perform on the vehicle yourself, as well Combined fuse accessories. If you encounter a problem that your dealership does not solve control system and accessories, against defects in materials and workmanship. Use Press the seat heater switch in the front console to the buttons on the dashboard to control the system.

Connect the tablet tester to the under dash data link connector. To request a copy, visit owners. Page Refueling If the battery life in your remote transmitter is weak, a message appears in the display with information on how to start the engine. Turn off the engine, If the temperature gauge needle is at the H mark, the engine suddenly loses power, then open the hood. Folding Down Rear Seats Always replace the head restraints before driving.

Mount the compact spare tire. Use the selector knob to make and enter selections. Does the voltmeter show battery voltage? From the Home screen, select Phone.

The starter motor has a minimum rotating time. Disconnect the hood switch and inspect for proper operation. Replace the wheel nuts, and lightly tighten them. Adjust volume for navigation and voice command confirmation. Higher ground clearance has many advantages for off- supplement seat belts, not replace them.

Push the command button followed by the lock button on the transmitter. Engine does not stop when hood is open.

Lift the wiper arm off the window. Slow down or stop your vehicle, and keep it from moving when parked. The power windows can be opened and closed when the vehicle is on by using the switches on the doors. This feature is limited Models with one display while the vehicle is moving. Press the Info buttons to change main displays.

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Connect the tablet tester to the under dash System Check data link connector. The following diagnosis can be used when the engine can be started with the remote however, the starter will continue to run after the engine has started. Receive and send messages from your paired and connected phone. Close all doors, lock the car and start the car with the remote.


Honda CR-V 2016 Owner s Manual

If any electrical devices are not working, turn the vehicle off and check to see if any applicable fuse is blown. Connect your device formats. Check for continuity in the Red solenoid lead and the body ground.

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