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Testing the prescribed requirements should be rectified and the system should not be carried out against closed valves. Air valves should be closed as filling proceeds when the air valves are seen to be discharging water free from aeration.

The spigot should be marked accordingly using an inedible mating surfaces. Care should be taken to avoid pressure surges and to ensure that all air is expelled from the pipeline the presence of air can seriously affect the results of pressure test operations.

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It coverts a tough flexible pipeline into a grid beam of limited flexural strength. They should be closed in sequence from the lowest point only when water, visibly free from aeration, is being discharged through them. The instruction which follow should be adhered to in all dried before the next stage of jointing is commenced. When laying the pipe directly the trench formation should be trimmed to an even finish which will provide continuous support to the pipe. These are particularly useful where bends are to be installed in the pipeline.

Please consult the Hepworth Technical Department for further information. Pipes or chains should be used in direct contact with the pipe. The spigot pipe and parent joint should be accurately aligned so that axis of pipes are precisely in line. The impact strength of material is high but is reduced a Pipes should not be dropped onto hard surfaces and should somewhat at lower temperatures and extra care is required.

The spigot should be hand fed into the socket until resistence from the inner sealing selection is felt. If an allowance for expansion is required, english learning pdf ebook free eg. Pipe-runs should therefore be sited or protected in such manner as will prevent accidental damage in conditions of extreme cold. Standard or purpose-made metal pipe brackets are normally employed. Long pipelines should be tested in sections as mainlaying progresses.

Merchandizing Refrigerators. Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes. The Loc-Ring integral sockets and Loc-Ring couplings listed in the product availability matrices are manufactured to B. Man-made fibres must not be used to clean joints which are to be solvent welded.

The chambered spigot should be clean and free from swarf and burrs. These coupled with precision manufacture will ensure liquids.

Factory Manufactured Houses. The benefits of this cold bending property can be utilized prolonged exposure to high levels of solar radiation. Roll forming Machinery and Dies. During this period the system can be completed. Any lines valves must be firmly anchored and independently supported so that no stresses are transmitted to the pipeline.

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Fabricated Plumbing Products. This is achieved using concrete thrust blocks at directional changes, branches, end caps, values, etc. In other cases or special applications please consult our Technical Department.

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Expansion bellows may be used to accommodate excessive movement but in such instance the pipes so connected must be restrained against possible separation. Prior to testing, care should be taken to ensure that all anchor blocks have attained adequate maturity and that any solvent welded joints included in the pipe system have developed full strength. All joints may be left exposed until testing is completed. Interplast Plastic Compounds. It is normally possible like correct bracket arrangement to direct movement in such a manner that this is accommodated by directional changes in the line.

If any undue resistance is felt and achieved. Pipe should be loaded with sockets at alternate ends. Such stacks sharp projections, stones or other protuberances likely to cause should be protected from the effects of weathering particularly ultra point loading or pipe deformation. Correct support and anchorage of any above ground sections of the pipeline is also necessary. Air leakage can be detected by applying soap solution to the joints or by pre-ordourising the air with Ethyl Mercaptan.

Particular attention should be paid to the socket holes or frozen matter, and preferably fine grained in nature. Particular attention should be paid to the spigot chamfer as for Loc-Ring jointing procedure. Where this pipe temperature is likely to exceeded then the maximum pressure rating must be reduced if the full operational life-expectancy of the pipeline is to be maintained.

It can be shown that as the pipe diameter increases the force required to affect the bending radius quoted increases. If water is used in the cleaning instructions are not followed which may result in unacceptable operation, it is essential that the mating areas are thoroughly installation.

They allow complete utilization Contractor. Suitable materials are free draining coarse sand and nominal should never be left in the trench. This initial backfilling should be thoroughly compacted by hand ramming. Solvent cement is flammable.

Joints containing damaged or incorrectly fitted rings must with the pipe. Solvent cement should be used in well ventilated conditions. The procedure should then be iv The spigot must not be inserted beyond the depth insertion repeated as described above. The system should be filled from its lowest point with all air valves and control valves in the open position. Insulated Composite Panels.


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UPVC pressure pipes & fitting systems

Selected backfill to a minimum of mm above pipe crown. Food and Dairy Containers. This is particularly important and fitting which have been subjected to abuse must be thoroughly where the pipe ends have been prepared in the form of spigots eg. This will reduce the time duration of an otherwise long-term pneumatic test.

When the system has been fully installed all pipework and fittings When fully charged, the system should be allowed to stand for a should be visually inspected and hydraulically tested. Length of sockets for solvent cementing.