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Thoughtful presentation of many of the famous battles, such as those made famous by livy in the second punic war and so on. His cheek cupped in his hand, he reread the works he admired out of duty. Cambridge University Press. The choice depended on the nature of the political objectives and existing political and economic limitations, as well as on the correlation of force numbers. Their conclusions were tested by later scholars, in particular the Belgian historian J.

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Heidelberg University University of Bonn. Other books in the series.

Warfare in antiquity - Hans Delbruck Hans Delbr ck - Google Books

Delbruck's method is to survey the battle sites where possible and read the old accounts, twenty love poems and a song of despair pdf and then calculate the amount of space necessary for the number of enemy troops reported. Delbruck demonstrates the use of archaeology and quantification to reveal the truth behind ancient histories. German historian who looked at military history in the context of world history.

He was, on tactical rather than on moral grounds, a strenuous opponent of intensified submarine warfare and did not conceal his conviction that it would bring America into the war. This section possibly contains original research.

Warfare in antiquity - Hans Delbruck Hans Delbr ck - Google Books

Hans Delbr ck

Hans Delbr ck

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The controversialist Fritz Fischer argued that they were socialists forcing extremists into the hands of revolutionaries. Very critical of his country's strategic thinking he averred it would have been preferable to seek victory in the Eastern front, gain minor objectives on the West and then sue for peace. Very good even if you don't know much about the subject and there is enough old prussian academic dick waving in this thing that parts become hilarious.

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Warfare in Antiquity History of the Art of War Volume I

This was one example of the general principle maintained, that military and political manoeuvres should be integrated. He regarded warfare as a cultural feature of societies, subject to evolution and influenced by the economy and the political system.

If you like ancient history, this is interesting due to methods and changes in warfare. One which corrected misconceptions of some history I had learned, and really provided a better backdrop for ancient european history than I've had in the past.

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