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They are the best ca final faculties in India. Their video classes are available only here -. Certification of Documents for Registration of Charges. Audit of Payment of Dividend. Independence of Auditors Revised.

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Audit of Cash and Bank Balances. There are however a few guidance notes in case of which the Council has specifically stated that they should be considered as mandatory on members while discharging their attest function. Legislative framework Terms and abbreviations used Objective of the guidance note Applicability of the provisions.

Subsequent to this, there is a change in Form No. Provision for Proposed Dividend. What to do if you receive a Income Tax Notice? Auditing of Accounts of Liquidators. Select from the following domains -.

This Guidance Note was last revised in Nov. This can reduce the aggregate tax payable by the multinational groups and increase the after tax returns available for distribution to shareholders. The suggestions so received have been considered and appropriately incorporated. Guidance Notes are re commendatory in nature. Taxation laws pertaining to cross border transactions have always been complex as also interesting.

Therefore, e commerce research papers pdf urgent need to update the third edition of Guidance Note was widely felt. Guidance Note on Turnover in case of Contractors. Click here to read the complete Guidance note.

Guidance Notes are generally recommendatory in nature. It is indeed a matter of honour to chartered accountants who have been given the onerous responsibility of reporting on International as well as specified domestic transactions. Guidance Note on Accrual Basis of Accounting. Time and again changes in law pose challenges which are to be addressed in a most professional manner.

List of Guidance Notes on Accounting / Auditing Aspects issued by ICAI


Frequent changes in the taxation laws have made the area more dynamic. Newsletter Join our newsletter to stay updated on Taxation and Corporate Law.

ICAI s Guidance Notes on Accounting Aspects

Having dynamism and the complexity involved, over a period of time, Transfer Pricing has surfaced as a distinct area of practice for our members. The legal, Financial and accounting aspects relating transfer pricing are highly complex and have global ramifications. We are happy to help you make successful in your exams.

ICAI Revised Guidance Note on Transfer Pricing Report u/s 92E

When transactions are entered into between independent enterprises, the consideration therefore is determined by market forces. Audit of Miscellaneous Expenditure Revised. In India, the Act had hitherto not dealt with this problem in a detailed manner.

Audit of Debtors, Loans and Advances. The Central Board of Direct Taxes has issued Circulars explaining the provisions and clarifying certain related aspects. The responsibility of examining the records and issuing the report in Form No.

Certificate on Corporate Governance Revised. Cross-border transactions. Section A of the Companies Act and the Auditor. If the same have not been followed, the member should consider whether keeping in view the circumstances of the case, a disclosure in his report is necessary.


Solving The Dilemna of Dual Residence. Similarly, while discharging his attest function, a member should examine whether the recommendations in a guidance note relating to an accounting matter have been followed or not. The onerous responsibility of examining the records and thereafter issuing Report in Form No.