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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Let us know what you think! Here is the official list of all Emmy submissions for Programs, Performers, Music, Makeup and more. However, only three other films earned Best Picture bids.

It only needed first-place votes to reach the initial threshold so each ballot was apportioned with. Alas, the process is not as simple as ticking just one box. Which films were likely to be listed second on those ballots that trigger the surplus rule?

Stay informed with our weekly Newsletter. These ballots are redistributed to the next film listed which is still in play i.

Be sure to make your Oscar nomination predictions so that Hollywood studio executives can see how their films are faring in our Academy Awards odds. Rather, they will rank up to five films on ballots which are then counted by a complicated method after nominations close on Jan. That left, at best, four slots, open. Where do you think it picked up the votes necessary?

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Today begins the two-week nominating period for the Primetime Emmy Awards and the Television Academy has released the full, basavanna vachanagalu in english pdf official nominating ballot lists. Home News Emmy Nominating Ballots.

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Emmy Awards Nominations Predictions. Ballots are sorted by the first choice and only those films listed at the top of at least one ballot remain in play. All members of the academy will get to fill in nomination ballots for Best Picture and are asked to list up to five films. All six of those mentioned in the preceding paragraph merited support from all the Experts and did reap Best Picture bids.

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So, take a deep breath, as we dive into the Oscar pool. You will be redirected back to your article in seconds. Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube.