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In each case Coue stated that auto- suggestion should bring complete relief. It will be seen that Induced Autosuggestion is a method by which the mind can act directly upon itself and upon the body to produce whatever improvements, in reason, we desire. He had been attending the clinic for four months and prac- tising the method at home.

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Just as we leave the distribu- tion of our bodily food to the choice of the Uncon- scious, so we may safely leave that of our mental food, our Induced Autosuggestions. Autosuggestion succeeds by avoiding conflict. It simply puts it in its right place, subordinates it to a higher power. That such disasters should be known is beyond ques- tion, but we should react to them in the manner indi- cated in the last chapter. However, if a person firmly believes that his or her asthma is disappearing, then this may actually happen, as far as the body is actually able physically to overcome or control the illness.

Although his teachings were, during his lifetime, more popular in Europe, many Americans who adopted his ideas and methods became famous by spreading his words. At a late hour you leave the fireside circle to make your way home. At one of the morning consultations which I sub- sequently attended was a woman who had suffered for five years with dyspepsia. The champion golfer or tennis-player is not a person of herculean frame and immense will-power. We can now see, not only that the Will is incapable of vanquishing a thought, but that as fast as the Will brings up its big guns, Thought captures them and turns them against it.

Both these operations are performed by the Unconscious. Only one of the former patients failed to report an improvement. Your heart beats normally and the circulation of the blood takes place as it should. The experiment of Chevreul's pendulum, however, will show in a simple manner the power possessed by a thought to transform itself into an action.

He turns pale, breaks into a cold perspiration, and is aware of an unpleasant sensation at the pit of the stomach. It provides neither material nor power. He held it there triumphantly for a moment while the whole company applauded and encouraged him.

But he also believed that our mental state is able to affect and even amplify the action of these medications. He had been merely an agent calling the ideas of health into their minds. She reported that on leaving the clinic she had gone to a restaurant in the town and ordered a table d'hote luncheon. These are no more than the ordinary preliminaries of slum- ber. Sometimes a judgment interposes itself, or it may be that the idea calls up an associated idea which pos- sesses greater vitality and therefore dislodges it.

Quite without my knowledge, and without any effort on my part, my organism will do all that is necessary to restore perfect health to my lungs and bronchial passages. Man has often been likened to a ship navigating the seas of life. These instances show clearly enough that the thoughts we think do actually become realities in the Unconscious. The idea of the habit, being repeatedly presented to their minds, realises itself, and they begin to perform a similar movement in their own persons. Except for an occasional word of advice Mademoiselle was quite indifferent to them.

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You will masticate your food thoroughly, transforming it into a smooth paste before swallowing it. These changes are not voluntary and con- scious ones, they are determined by the Unconscious and come to us often with a shock of surprise.

To these he promised, however, a ces- sation of pain, an improvement of morale, and at least a retardment of the progress of the disease. Our exertions only bring into play the law of reversed effort, and we flounder deeper into the slough. The whole company laughed and clapped their hands. Practically throughout my career my curse has been a lack of continuous self-control.

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The first few weeks my wife experienced temporary oppression and even the beginnings of an attack, which, however, she was able to ward off within a few minutes by prac- tising Autosuggestion. Under these conditions we should never struggle to throw off the obsessing idea by force.

The physical or mental effect invariably corresponds with the idea present in the mind, but this need not be iden- tical with the thought communicated from without. This idea of the indwelling happi- ness, inwardly conditioned, is as ancient as thought. The great mass of normal people commit the same fault in a less degree.

Turn- ing at the end of the path they came back at a fair pace. To claim for it the discoveries of civilisation is to confuse the instrument with the agent, to attribute sight to the field-glass instead of to the eye behind it. The trouble had re- cently become so acute that even the milk diet to which she was now reduced caused her extreme discomfort.

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The patients rose and crowded round Coue, asking questions, thanking him, internet explorer error message when opening pdf shaking him by the hand. In each case Coue predicted a complete cure.

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The will acts rightly when it is in harmony with the idea in the mind. He went to see you for a short time, and now is as well as possible. Sometimes such people seem involuntarily to exert themselves to quench the cheerfulness of brighter natures, as if their Un- conscious strove to reduce all others to its own low level.

From this we see that we need not suggest the way in which our aim is to be accomplished. It took Coue nearly forty minutes to complete his interrogation. But the soundest testimony to the power of Induced Autosuggestion is that borne by the patients them- selves.