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Clamp the accelerator pedal adjustment tool Club Car Part No. Connect a tachometer Club Car Part No. Insert the tapered end of a test blade Club Car Part No.

Unlike a car manual that sits in your glove compartment, this golf cart manual just seems to get lost. Copyright laws prohibit anyone from making or distributing copies of this manual. Put a light coating of clean transmission oil on the outside edge of the seal to assist installation. To install the driven clutch, reverse the removal procedure.

If it is blown, the cause should be determined before the fuse is replaced. Page wire or blue wire, depending on the position of the rocker switch. Connect the bus bar from the fuse link to the right post of the ammeter, placing washers on both sides of the bus bar.

Tighten shock absorber retaining nuts until the rubber bushings expand to the same size as the cup washers. Page The energy displacement module is mounted on the vehicle frame, directly behind the batteries. Next, a hydrometer test should be conducted on all batteries.

Carefully lift each end of the transaxle off of its positioning pin on the leaf spring and slide the trans- axle to the rear and out of the vehicle. Page Common Misconceptions About Batteries creating electrical shorts.

Depress and release the accelerator pedal to make sure that both switches are being actuated when the pedal is released. The lubricant level should be even with the bot- tom of the hole. This will prevent self-discharge of the batteries. When the charge cycle is complete, test the batteries again.

Pull center dash out approximately one inch from the frame and then bend the top right corner of the dash panel inward while pulling the top of the panel out and down. Tighten the ball joint to ft. The multimeter should show battery voltage. Make sure that the wheels are off of the ground. Squeeze the rubber bulb of the hydrometer and insert into the cell.

Brake System Check brake shoes, replace if necessary. Position the steering column assembly in the vehicle while inserting the steering column shaft into the upper universal joint. To install the springs, reverse the removal procedure.

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Disconnect the air hose that is clamped to the carburetor. Attach the red lead of the new cord set to the terminal and tighten the nut to in. Pull gently on the two halves of the plug connection to ensure that they are fastened securely. Check for loose or raised commutator bars.

Make sure the O-ring is kept with the intake expansion chamber. Install the accelerator rod onto the ball stud. Replace balancer guide pin if necessary. Transmission Check shift linkage for proper operation.

The moveable face assembly must be replaced if the bore is worn to a diameter of. It must be porous enough to allow charged ions to pass through between the posi- tive and the negative plates, but never allow the two materials to contact each other. Water Level Add water only after charging unless the water is below the level of the plates.

The Forward and Reverse Anti-arcing Limit Switch is located on the forward and reverse switch and is acti- vated by a cam on the forward and reverse switch rotor. Place a bearing puller wedge attachment Club Car Part No.

Adjust as Park Brake necessary. Check for proper wiring Figure or and tight connections. Take the camshaft out of the engine block. Be sure the oil return passages in the ring grooves are open. The earlier version used a multi-step wiper switch potentiometer in the speed control circuit, whereas the current version, beginning with serial number A, uses a continuously variable potentiometer.

Any frayed or worn wires should be replaced. Plug the original charger thought to be malfunctioning into another vehicle that is known to be func- tioning properly. Without the lever depressed, the reading should be no continuity. There are two types of generators.

Inspect the receptacle for cracks, loose connections and frayed wiring. Align the locating pin with the pin hole in the cover.

To ensure proper wiper switch adjustment, all of these items must be properly adjusted. Disconnect, at the starter, the braided ground wire from the starter to the frame. However, for the convenience of the trained mechanic, there is a neutral lock-out cam located on the back of the forward and reverse lever. For carts that are or newer you will find the serial number on the passenger side under the glove compartment. If it is blown, the cause should be determined before it is replaced.

If you like to do your own golf cart repair, one repair done correctly that is will pay for the manual. Post an ad on Craig's List - and although I didn't find one there, research proposal pdf free I did find a person who ended up helping me repair my Club Car. Here are a couple of ideas of how you can get cheap golf cart repair manuals.

This indicates that the batteries did not receive a full charge. If a press is not available, secure a bearing puller Club Car Part No.

Clean the carbon dust, dirt and oil from the commutator. Page Make sure the wedge attachment tool is supporting the inner race of the bearing. Use the chart below to determine whether shimming is required and, if so, how many shims Club Car Part No. Again check rod adjustment for proper switch activation. Disconnect the plug and inspect for broken wires at the pin terminals.

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