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Sequence data Data included in this area are all user songs and all user patterns. If using some other make of connection cable, please note the following precautions. When Factory Reset is finished, the screen normally appearing when the power is switched on returns automatically.

For example, if you are playing a instrument that uses two voices, that instrument will take up two times the number of notes that are played. Demo Play plays all the preset patterns in sequence. In Step Recording of bass and external parts, note length is specified by gate time. You can check the results as you input by listening to repeated playback of the patterns.

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With these features, more effective live performances are assured. Control Change These send modulation and panpot information for increased expression in performances. To avoid inflammation of the skin, make sure that none of the battery discharge gets onto your hands or skin. Even if all inserted rests from Realtime Modify are deleted, they are stillltft ill during recording. The more the knob is turned to the right, the greater the amount of reverb added.

Each function is distinguished by a separate Control Number. Changing the Mute Information You can mute instruments individually with the Mute function.

Changing the Kit Sometimes, you will want to change the kit used to playa pattern. Stop performance of the pattern or song, then resend the System Exclusive messages from the beginning.

Editing Move to the position to be edited. Drum Part Accent Rehearse the paHern.


Instrument Instruments Instruments are the sounds produced by the unit, such as the bass kick drum, snare drum, and other percussive sounds-and the bass. Turning off the power at this point may result in corruption of data not only in the sample that was being deleted, but in other samples as well.

At this time, let's check out Realtime recording. Current value is not affected. This setting does not affect drum parts.

Related Manuals for Boss Dr. Boss audio systems owner's manual digital recording studio brcd pages. Additionally, in order to feel assured that you have gained a good grasp of every feature provided by your new unit, paul nizan les chiens de garde pdf telecharger Owner's manual should be read in its entirety. The Song Mode screen appears in the display.

Be sure to make a backup of important data before you do this. Vince currently works as a Product Specialist for Roland Corp.

How do I go back into Song Recording? In Step Recording, this equals the smallest note length that can be input. At this time, preselection of the next pattern due to be played is canceled. This operation is called Pattern Load.

This message received on the channel of Drum Part is Ignored. During repairs, due care is taken to avoid the loss of data. Doing so may cause fluid to leak from the batteries. This is normal, and is not a cause for concern. How do I switch to Realtime Recording?

Excessive heat can deform or discolor the unit. You call also make more detailed settings to sampled phrases on it. Step Recording With Step Recording, while the timing of the sound played, pitch, and other settings for each tone are set and recorded one tone at a time. The tempo appears in the display.

This wavering effect increases as the knob is turned further to the right. Lithium batteries Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Never use a power cord after it has been damaged. The larger the value, the more the effect is emphasized, creating a sound with a stronger resonance. The Groove template appears in the display.

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This blank measure rest is played back only during Realtime Recording. Patterns User Patterns are cleared. The tempo is calculated automatically, and the pattern adopts the new tempo that corresponds to the timing of the strikes.

The number of notes that can be sounded will actually depend not only on the number of notes being played, but also on the number of voices that are used by each instrument. The previous screen returns to the display. Be careful not to exceed the maximum simultaneous polyphony. Adds the darker reverberation found in halls.

The kit appears in the display. By operation of these controllers, you can create sounds and make changes to them. Check to make sure the cable has not been pulled out or is not shorted. These functions are organized into the following four modes. Changing PaHerns You can freely change patterns, even while they are being played.

Rotate the knob to change the tone. In this case, apply Grid Quantize to correct the inaccuracies before applying Groove Quantize. This way you will avoid causing shorts, or damage to the cable's internal elements. Page If You Don't Like The Sampled Sound If undesired sound or silence was recorded at the beginning or end of the sample, you can make settings so that only the desired portion is played back. The portamento information is entered, and the display appears as follows.

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BOSS DR-202 Dr. Groove

Roll Information This specifies the roll type and speed used in rolls that are played. Make the seHings for any rolls to be played. Roland Corporation assumes no liability concerning such loss of data. Turning the Power On Once the connections have been completed, tum on power to your various devices in the order specified.

Discard used batteries according to the manufacturer's instructions. Oscillators - Drum and Bass samples. Turning the knob to the right increases the frequencies, creating a brighter tone. Tum on the power to the other connected devices.