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In Webcam, Claire shows her appreciation to Richard and Julia discovers the sexy possibilities modern technology has to offer. Richard makes up for scolding Julia by buttfucking her in the laundry room. After dinner as Claire takes Junior upstairs to bed, Richard and Julia continue their sexcapades in the dining room. View some samples of all those shenanigans on the latest sample page. These cartoons are funny descriptions of the imaginary sexual adventures of daughter Julia and her daddy Richard.


What was Claire like back when she had just hit her eighteenth birthday? The stories are very engaging and intriguing at the same time, they leave you wanting more right away.

Richard of course is completely oblivious to this because when he is confronted by Kim's oozing sex-appeal and curvatious body he only can think about one thing. Later on Chester shows up and we learn a bit of the history he has with Coach Eric. The beautiful Daisy and the other girls drive Richard wild and things get a bit out of hand.

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Meanwhile Kim Kummings is meeting her former porn director boss Jon Jerrycreem in a coffee shop. He's met by Kim Kummings who though she seems frantic about something, Richard doesn't particularly notice and is only interested in one thing with her.

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One of the few I'm more than willing to pay for. If you want to find out more about this thrilling episode, check out the free sample page courtesy of the jabcomix website. Natalie convinces Julia into putting on a show for her own pleasure over the webcam. It is an expression of surprise or pain.

Get Instant Access to all this and much more! Meanwhile, we meet the Harvey's neighbor, Lucy, how to play the mouth organ pdf as she's out jogging with Claire. They are completely fictional and have nothing to do with real life.

This comics is called Jon Meets Dick. In this episode, Coach is up to no good and we meet the Harvey's juicy neighbour, Lucy. Will Richard be able to resist the forbidden fruit while a guest of such a famous celebrity? Back at the Harvey house Noreen expresses her love to Claire.

JabComix Ay Papi 7

Find out in the latest issue of Ay Papi! In this special issue of Ay Papi we take you back in time to find out what made your favorite sex fiends into the lust-filled hunks and hotties they are today! To get a glimpse of all that sexy craziness at the strip club check out the free sample page.

This is the free sample page courtesy of the jabcomix website. This issue takes you back in time to when Richard and Claire were Julia's age. Julia reveals to her best friend Natalie through instant messenger the perverted activity between herself and Richard. At the same time, Julia takes a shower with her best friend in the locker room. This episode starts at Richard's office where the ever so sexy Kim Kumings is seemingly agitated.

In this episode Richard meets Jon Jerrycream and as Kim doesn't want Richard to learn too much from Jon shee keeps him distracted. The two complete comics I can show are early black and white issues. Easily one of the best sites ever.

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