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Automatic sliding door mechanism becomes really popular these days especially in most commercial establishments. This door provides pedestrians to simultaneously enter and exit in a large number. The common problems with automatic door mechanism in automatic sliding doors involves malfunction due to the improper adjusting of the door as per installation. The door together with the auxiliary drive becomes connected because of the internal cables or belts, which are often made of rubber.

Even the most automatic and innovated doors can experience common problems especially when there are no daily check-ups done to the automatic door. But the former works by sucking doors with magnetic force while the latter works by stucking doors with locks. It is also advisable to get the help of professionals if there are damages in the automatic door. Transmission rail and cover.

The earliest automatic doors apply the electric locks. They can also be installed on other side supported with tracks and rollers, which creates the connection from the floor plane for this instance the single sliding doors. The common problems with automatic door mechanism with this automatic door also lie on the sensors, floor mats and switches. There are lots of different electric sliding door mechanisms that are widely available in the market nowadays.

Another problem that may be encountered is the hold-up of the automatic doors and also the time delay. Before, people never experience the convenience brought by electric sliding door and are only used to the traditional doors. Automatic sliding doors, automatic swinging doors, automatic folding doors and automatic revolving doors with an automatic door mechanism experience common problems.

Domestic manufacturers can try independent research and development, and the lock body can be equipped with general electric lock. This form of mechanism is very beneficial most especially to those people with disabilities. Automatic sliding door mechanism. Remote controls operating the swinging doors may fail to operate due to the battery span powering the remote. Solution How to order Brochure Download.

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However, such locks have complex connection modes, are expensive and provided only by manufacturers specialized in automatic doors. Common problems with automatic door mechanism involving automatic revolving doors are the possibility of stuck-ups and irregularity of the speed. One of these automatic doors is automatic sliding doors which are used for two way traffic.

Failure of the motion sensors atop the sliding doors and the floor mats at its foot to operate is another of the common problems with automatic door mechanism. Failure of the sensors and the operator atop the swinging doors to operate can also cause stuck-ups and failure to open and close as per motioned. This kind of automatic door can be single sliding doors or bi-parting double doors which commonly open up through motion sensors and floor mat sensors.

Another one of the automatic doors is the swinging doors. Thus the door might be opened faster than the lock, and the spreader bumps into the unopened lock that causes the malfunction of automatic doors. Working principle of automatic sliding door mechanism. Although this kind of automatic door is very helpful in bigger establishments, this may cause accidents.

Unlike before, now, it is very common to experience and see them operating in commercial, retail, public buildings, offices and medical leisure in all kinds. From a point of view of any users, electric sliding door mechanism is generally fast, convenient and easy to use. Dedicated electric locks have the advantage of making it more difficult to open the door destructively or by force.

Others can be hung from tracks above head if it is frame-less all-glass door and don't get contact with the ground plane but glide over it during the operation. It may even close without warning even with a person half-way through the door. How to choose the correct size for your door? The shortcoming of magnetic locks is that the doors will be opened when the bearing capacity is surpassed. Failure of the contraptions to operate causes the folding doors to malfunction, which involves problems with automatically opening and closing the folding doors.

Handicaps may also experience common problems with automatic door mechanism which involves the push button they use to enter and exit the premises. The common problems with automatic door mechanism involving swinging doors fall under the sensors much like the sliding doors.

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These sensors will be installed on the electric door or perhaps integrated into its framing from the side or above. This may cause the sliding door not to open as a reaction and close at a certain time delay. Such working principle can avoid the case that the door is opened while the lock is not. There are a number of automatic doors that are commonly used in commercial buildings. Automatic swing doors Olide automatic spring swing door closer, motorized open and spring close.

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Another automatic door is the automatic revolving doors which may have two to four wings that are commonly made from glass. In which, every time a person get close to the door, engineering mathematics stroud 6th pdf it will automatically open and enable the person to enter conveniently.

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Automatic revolving doors may also confuse people. To prevent having common problems with automatic door mechanism, there should always be a safety check-up on the contraptions on a daily basis. Special slot connect with beam and cover Cover opening and closing more convinient. Automatic swinging doors are commonly used for traffic flow that is one way which may either be entrance or exit.