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Large clear pictures help you decide which amigurumi accessory to crochet first. Amigurumi On the Go is her latest book.

Orders Wish list Check order status. Her best friend is Now I need Boris. He loves to play and romp in the great outdoors. There is a Roundie, Octopus, Fish and other bags to choose from. You will find them in my store on Etsy.

Write for Us Pattern of the Day. Patterns are now available in German and English version.

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Today I finished these two happy cars. Again, I have created a detailed crochet pattern in English and German for you. But they love them and I hope you will too. He loves lying on the meadows and is happy when he can be lazy the whole day. Ana will also show you how to increase and decrease in this section.


Here's a decorative and wearable shawl that can be created by following this easy crochet pattern. Two more Giveaways will follow in the summer.

These patterns would make a great gift. You can use letters, numbers and white space. Everything is covered from each of the stitches including diagrams to how to sew in a zip. He's pretty funny and cute.

Our son loves them already. Now this book made me smile sooo much! Join Us Today Forgot Password.

Add to Cart Add to wish list. Password Forgot your password? Now I need to put the pattern together and it will be available in my shops in two days.

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Very Good Average Fair Poor. Its large print, easy to read and follow pattern rows are perfect to get you started.

Crochet AmigurumiMartingale - Amigurumi On the Go eBook

Who couldn't use a backpack to tote around an apple in a cozy, a coin purse to hold change for a carton of milk and a pencil case. The General Guidelines have step by step line drawings for learning to chain and moving on to create a slip stitch, single crochet, half double and double are included. They are cute, advanced financial accounting 10th edition pdf useful and the sizes vary to hold whatever they have in mind. Ana talks you through everything you need to do to make all of the projects.

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