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Sambalpur used to cover a vast area by working as a sorting all india pin code. Uttar Pradesh Railway Map. All of that just one click away.

Indian government postal department. Details of Indian Penal Code Sections. Transport Network In India. Now, you can easily search for the pincode of a particular area as well as the address of any place in India, simply through its pincode. As the postal guys only care about the pincodes, at least the ones sorting mails in other states, Jharsuguda needed to be allocated a different pincode, how to learn letter writing in english pdf and it was xx.

As and when we get our hands on iy, we'll add the link on this page. Googling your legal issue online?

Postal Index Number

National Highways Intra City Maps. Interface is made user friendly to. Now, the total area under these two hubs can be split into regions each, depending upon the routes of mail carriage van and locations of all india pin code sub-post offices.

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With this section, our aim is to cater to the needs of individuals as well as organizations who want to search for pincodes or addresses of localities across India. While sending a letter or a parcel via the Indian postal system or by courier, do you wonder if it will safely reach its destination? Book Category Asia portal. There are nine postal zones in India, including eight regional zones and one functional zone for the Indian Army. That means which letter or parcel will be sent to which all india pin code office was decided at Sambalpur.

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The fourth digit represents the route on which a delivery office is located in the sorting district. To help you find a particular pincode or area, we present to you our pincode search engine. The internet is not a lawyer and neither are you. Advocate is an Officer of Justice and he is not Subordinate to the Judge. The code is six digits long.

Be it a place in the remote mountains of Jammu and Kashmir or the deserts of Rajasthan, we have got you covered. Indian Railway Electrification Map. Now that bigger states have been divided into smaller ones, chances are that two states might have same two digit initials. What is Pin Postal Index Number While sending a letter or a parcel via the Indian postal system or by courier, do you wonder if it will safely reach its destination? For the non-postal usage, see Personal identification number.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This file has been sourced from internet, you may verify with other sources. Now, mails addressed to areas allocated to Jharsuguda are directly sent to the Jharsuguda Hub, hence reducing the inefficiency and work load at Sambalpur. Talk to a real lawyer about your legal issue. We all want few things for free, being Advocates, what we can give you here is Free Legal Advice.